Past Episode Archive

Mardi-Ellen Hill "Composer/Author on Creating a New World" Ep. 58    10/18/20




Jacqueline Quirk "On Building a Diversified Career" Ep. 57                      10/15/20




Leah Edwards/Dimitri Pittas "On Creating Something New" Ep. 56        10/14/20

Heather Sorenson "Combining the Traditional and Contemporary" Ep. 55 10/11/20




Kevin Boesiger "The Connection of Music and Faith" Ep. 54                   10/8/20 




Jim Neglia "Percussionist, Author and Contractor" Ep. 53                      10/4/20 

Wanzhe Zhang/Quan Yuan "Artistic Couple Shares the Joys and Challenges" 10/1/20




Jake Landau "A New Composer's Voice" Ep. 51                                        9/27/20




Jason Duika "On Confronting Adversity Through Art" Ep. 50                   9/24/20




James Musto III "Percussionist on These Times" Ep. 49                          9/20/20

Jodi Karem "Opera for the Earth" Ep. 48                                                    9/17/20

Matthew Laifer "On A Career in Opera Management" Ep. 47                   9/13/20




Ronald Naldi "Tenor on a Life on the Opera Stage" Ep. 46                        9/12/20




Kenneth Overton "On Speaking Out Through Your Art" Ep. 45                  9/10/20




The Vieness Piano Duo "The Couple that Plays Together" Ep. 44             9/6/20



Mark Delavan "Dramatic Baritone on a life in Opera" Ep. 43                     9/5/20




Christine Murphy Estes "Voice expert on the COVID era" Ep. 42                9/3/20



Francisco Miranda "A Life in Music" Ep. 41                                                   6/2/20                


Gordon Turk "On a Half-Century on the Organ Bench" Ep. 40                     8/29/20




J. Donald Dumpson "Philly Conductor Inspires Hope" Ep. 39                     8/27/20




Susanne Burgess "The Power of Perseverance" Ep. 38                              8/25/20




Kevin Short "A Life on the Stage" Ep. 37                                                        8/23/20




Jace Saplan "Nānā I Mua: Navigating Forward, Together" Ep. 36               8/22/20 

Alexandra LoBianco "Dramatic Soprano and Innovator" Ep. 35                  8/20/20

Jeffrey Biegel "A Master Pianist Reflects" Ep. 34                                          8/18/20



Timothy Bostwick "Timothy Bostwick "Voices of Covid-19" Ep. 33              8/16/20




Lily Sassoon "A New Direction for Opera"​ Ep. 32                                           8/15/20




Edward Bolkovac "Master Teacher/Conductor Opens Up" Ep. 31                8/13/20




L. Iza/K. Suter "Music and the Open Door NJ/NY" Ep. 30                              8/11/20




Andy Lin "East Meets West, A Viola and Erhu Performer" Ep. 29                 8/9/20




Natasha Novitskaia "The Art of Dramatic Voices" Ep. 28                               8/8/20




Michael Berkowitz "The Pops Maestro Speaks" Ep. 27                                  8/6/20




Rider Foster "On Creating a Choral Community" Ep. 26                            8/4/20




Mark Terenzi "Saving Music at Kean University" Ep. 25                            8/2/20

Jennifer Pascual "St. Patrick's Cathedral Plans Forward" Ep. 24           7/28/20




Gregory Buchalter "On Conducting and the Next Chapter" Ep. 23          7/26/10




Peter Randsman "Agent of Positivity"Ep. 22                                              7/25/20




Neel Murgai "On Creating a Unique Style" Ep. 21                                      7/23/20

Maya Hoover "On Higher Education and Artistry" Ep. 20                         7/21/20

Allison Charney "PREforming in a New Way" Ep. 19                                 7/18/20

Andrea DelGiudice "The Voice Whisperer" Ep. 18                                      7/16/20

Julie Gaulke "Virtual Choir in the age of COVID-19"  Ep. 17                     7/14/20

Israel Gursky "Maestro on the Future of Opera" Ep. 16                            7/11/20


David Winkler "Composing a New Direction" Ep. 15                                 7/9/20

Joseph M. Martin "A Dynamic Career" Ep. 14                                            7/7/20

Ray Chenez "A Dynamic Countertenor Speaks" Ep. 13                             7/5/20

Nathan Meltzer "Violin Virtuoso on a Mission" Ep. 12                               7/2/20

Brian Schneckenburger "Writing the Next Chapter" Ep. 11                     6/30/20

M. Weston/M. Fennelly "Moving Together" Ep. 10                                     6/28/20


Everett McCorvey "Spirited Artist on the Move" Ep. 9                             6/25/20

Anthony LaGruth "Conducting a Career" Ep. 8                                         6/23/20

Paul Green “Mentor of ROCK”  Ep. 7                                                          6/21/20


Brad Nix "The Life of a Composer/ Publisher" Ep. 6                                6/19/20

Luna Kaufman/Paul Christiansen "Back from the Brink" Ep. 5              6/18/20

Alok Kumar "High Notes, the Journey to the Top" Ep. 4                          6/16/20

Christina Major "Unrolling the Toilet Paper Diva" Ep. 3                           6/11/20

Julia Zilberquit "Pianist on the Move" Ep. 2                                              6/9/20

Stefanos Koroneos "The Art of Collaboration", Episode 1                       6/4/20