Music Matters 

with Jason Tramm

Music Matters with Jason Tramm is a new video podcast that features distinguished members of the performing community and explores the most important issues effecting active engagement in the arts today, impacted by the global COVID- 19 pandemic. 


Music Matters brings diverse innovators, ideas and audiences together to create a broader, collaborative musical community to inspire new solutions to unprecedented challenges.

Upcoming Live Broadcast Episodes (Eastern Standard Time)     


Ras Minano "African Multi-Cultural Artist on Fusing Styles"         3/4/2021 6:00 PM

Charles Czarnecki "Music Entrepreneur on Finding Your Creativity" 3/6/21 2:00 PM




Anna May "Life Lived Through Song"                                                    3/6/21 6:00 PM

Indira Mahajan "Dynamic Soprano on a Life on the Stage"               3/7/21 6:00 PM

Kendra Erika "Life on the Charts"                                                             3/11/21 6 PM

Colin Britt "Maintaining Choral Community in Difficult Times"             3/13/21 2 PM

Steven LaBrie "Remaining an Artist in Troubled Times"                       3/13/21 6 PM




James Nyokaru Schlefer "Manhattan's Shakuhachi Flute Master" 3/14/21 6:00 PM




Gideon Dabi "American Baritone On the Rise"                                        3/18/21 6 PM



Maria Zoi "On the Pursuit of Excellence"​                                                3/20/21 2 PM 

Eline Chavez "Rock in the Covid Era"                                                     3/20/21 6 PM   

Kelly Hall-Tomkins "Acclaimed Violinist Discusses A Unique Career"   3/21/21 TBA

Eli Villanueva "Director/Opera Educator on the Power of Performance" 3/25 6 PM

Perfect Mark "Singer/Songwriter On Music and Emotion"                    3/26/21 6 PM




Ashley Bean "Rock Artist on Creating Raw Emotion"                             3/27/21 6 PM

Kinga Augustyn "Violin Soloist on Turning in Time"                                3/28/21 6 PM


Carleen Graham "Engaging Communities Through Opera"                    4/1/21 6 PM

Kim Logan "From Opera to Rock, A Unique Journey"                              4/3/21 2 PM

Chelsea Friedlander "How Artists Adapt to Change"                                4/3/21 6 PM

Justin Glodich "Meeting Student Needs in the Covid Era"                        4/8/21 6 PM




Christine Byrne "Covid's Effect on Gen Z Artists"                                   4/10/21 2 PM




Bianca Jazmine "Indie Singer/Songwriter on the Creative Process"    4/11/21 4 PM




Robynn Shayne "Singer/Songwriter on a Life in Song"                         4/11/21 6 PM

Patrick Dailey "Countertenor/Professor on Training the Next Generation"4/15/21 6

Iyse Gibson "R&B Singer Discusses Maintaining Motivation"           4/17/21 2:00 PM




Jan Swafford "Insights into Mozart and Beethoven"                         4/18/21 2:00 PM




The Moon City Masters "Brooklyn Rock Band on the Rise"               4/18/21 6:00 PM



Emaculant "Rapper on A Life in Beat and Rhyme"                            4/24/21 2:00 PM

Rose Cora Perry "A Unique Rock Artist Speaks"                                4/24/21 6:00 PM




Lisa Houben "Dutch Soprano on a Life on the Opera Stage"               4/25/21  2 PM 

Erik Smallwood "Country Singer/Songwriter on Finding Inspiration"  4/25/21 6 PM

Amy Shoremount-Obra "Soprano on Maintaining Focus in the Storm"      4/29 6 PM

Christiane Noll "Reflections on a Life on the Stage"                            5/2/21 2:00 PM

Melanie Penn "Singer/Songwriter on Finding Faith in the Storm"    5/8/21 2:00 PM

The Shook "Bringing the Love of Rock to a New Generation"             5/8/21 4:00 PM




Mary Loeffelbein "Music's Role in Sustaining the Spirit"                   5/8/21 6:00 PM