Music Matters 2020 

with Jason Tramm

Music Matters 2020 with Jason Tramm is a new video podcast that features distinguished members of the performing community and explores the most important issues effecting active engagement in the arts today, impacted by the global COVID- 19 pandemic. 


Music Matters brings diverse innovators, ideas and audiences together to create a broader, collaborative musical community to inspire new solutions to unprecedented challenges.


Upcoming Live Broadcast Episodes (Eastern Standard Time)    


Keith Phares "On Embracing the New"                                         12/6/20 8:00 PM

Victoria Robertson "Soprano Thrives on Musical Diversity"       12/15/2020 12 PM

Joy Hermalyn "Life's a Stage"                                                        12/13/20 8:00 PM



Erica Miner "Author/Violinist on Her Unique Career Journey"    12/17/20 6:00 PM


Kristin Sampson "Remaining Positive in Challenging Times"    12/19/20 6:00 PM

Jonathon Scott "Being an Artist in the era of COVID-19"              12/20/20 6:00 PM

Bob Cohen "Innovative Composer On Finding a Unique Voice"    12/22/20 6:00 PM

Elliott Forrest "Broadcaster/Director on a Life on the Air"            12/27/20 1:00 PM

Susan Aquila "Electrifying the Audience- on Rock Violin"            12/29/20 6:00 PM

Raphael Fusco "Composer/Pianist- Musical Life Across the Pond" 12/30/20 6 PM

Mark Frankel "Rhapsody in BLUE"                                                   1/3/21 8:00 PM




Marcy Richardson "Opera Singer and Aerialist- Art Redefined"     1/6/21 6:00 PM


Diane Wittry "Conductor on a Career on the Podium"                    1/7/21 6:00 PM

Janara Kellerman "Mezzo-Soprano on the State of Opera"           1/10/21 8:00 PM




S. Eldridge/I. Martin "Aussie Artistic Couple on Music Down Under"1/14/21  5 PM


Michelle Johnson "Soprano Opens up about Making Music Today" 1/17/21 6:00 PM

Tim Sharp "Choral Singing in America and Looking Ahead"             1/24/21 8 PM




Maryam Raya "Rising Concert Pianist on Starting the Next Chapter" 1/28/21 6 PM

Kim Petrarca "Singer/Songwriter on Finding Inspiration Today"         1/21/21 6 PM

Manny Cepeda "Noted Percussionist and Salsa Band Leader"             1/31/21 8 PM

Meroe Khalia Adeeb "On the Power of Positivity"                                 2/4/21 8:30 PM

Vinroy Brown Jr. "On Maintaining Community in the COVID Era"           2/7/21 6 PM

Maria Todaro "A Distinguished Stage Director Discusses Innovation"  2/11/21 6 PM

Joel Raney "Renowned Composer/Pianist on Finding Inspiration" 2/25/21 6:00 PM




Happy Curmudgeons "Band Discusses Their Roots and Artistic Direction"                                                                                                                                     2/28/21 8 PM

Ras Minano "African Multi-Cultural Artist on Fusing Styles"         3/4/2021 6:00 PM

Indira Mahajan "Dynamic Soprano on a Life on the Stage"               3/7/21 6:00 PM




James Nyokaru Schlefer "Manhattan's Shakuhachi Flute Master" 3/14/21 6:00 PM




Kelly Hall-Tomkins "Acclaimed Violinist Discusses A Unique Career"   3/21/21 TBA

Erik Smallwood "Country Singer/Songwriter on Finding Inspiration"  4/25/21 6 PM

Suzanne Vinnik "Innovations, By Vinnik"                                          Rescheduled TBA