Music Matters 2020 

with Jason Tramm

Music Matters 2020 with Jason Tramm is a new video podcast that features distinguished members of the performing community and explores the most important issues effecting active engagement in the arts today, impacted by the global COVID- 19 pandemic. 


Music Matters brings diverse innovators, ideas and audiences together to create a broader, collaborative musical community to inspire new solutions to unprecedented challenges.


Upcoming Live Broadcast Episodes (Eastern Standard Time)

James Musto III "Percussionist on These Times"                  9/20/20 6:00 PM



Jodi Karem "Opera for the Earth"                                            9/17/20 6:00 PM

Jason Duika "On Confronting Adversity Through Art"           9/24/20 6:00 PM

Jake Landau "A New Composer's Voice"                                 9/27/20 6:00 PM

Jim Neglia "Percussionist, Author, and Innovator"                10/4/20 6:00 PM

Kevin Boesiger "The Connection of Music and Faith"            10/8/20 6:00 PM




Heather Sorenson "Combining the Traditional and Contemporary" 10/11/20 6 PM




Jacqueline Quirk "On Building a Diversified Career"            10/15/20 6:00 PM

Mardi-Ellen Hill "Composer/Author on Creating a New World" 10/18/2020 8:00 PM

Ta'u Pupu'a "From the Gridiron to the LimeLight"                10/25/20 6:00 PM

Dan Forrest "Composer on Music in Troubled Times"          10/29/20 6:00 PM