Music Matters 

with Jason Tramm

Music Matters with Jason Tramm is a new video podcast that features distinguished members of the performing community and explores the most important issues effecting active engagement in the arts today, impacted by the global COVID- 19 pandemic. 


Music Matters brings diverse innovators, ideas and audiences together to create a broader, collaborative musical community to inspire new solutions to unprecedented challenges.

Upcoming Live Broadcast Episodes (Eastern Standard Time)     


Chioke Dmachi "Singer/Actor on Finding Artistic Inspiration"         7/24/21 6:00 PM

Sohayla Smith "Capturing Life in Song"                                             7/24/21 8:00 PM

Rod Fritz "Singer/Songwriter on Finding Meaning in Music"          7/26/21 6:00 PM

Andrea DelGiudice "The Voice Whisperer Returns"                           7/28/21 8:00 PM




Alessandra Marc "The Legendary Diva Reflects"                              7/31/21 6:00 PM

Marquis of Vaudeville "Rock with a Flair for the Theatrical"          8/2/2021 6:00 PM




Dream Spectrum "Next Generation Progressive Rock"                 8/4/2021 8:00 PM 




Phoenicia Festival of the Voice "Opera Innovation: Summer Season 2021"    8/7/21

Allison and Carlos Franzetti "On a Life Together in the Arts"             8/9/21 2:00 PM

Emily Geller "Contralto on the Balance of Art and Life"                8/11/2021 2:00 PM



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